Copper Bird Necklace

Hi! I am Chelli’s little sister Lindsey!

As Chelli mentioned I teach Yoga/Aerobic classes in St.Paul, MN!  This morning I taught an Aqua Aerobics class and one of my ladies is a Potter/Jeweler/Artist.   She was wearing this necklace and I thought maybe she had purchased it on her latest Vacation in South America turns out she made it!   We are bartering the necklace for some personal fitness sessions. I love the idea of bartering.

You can find the artist here at www.  She mentioned she is going to be updating the site but contact information is there if you are interested in purchasing some of her art!  This particular necklace is made of Copper but she also makes them in Silver ranging from $35 to $50.

I am loving this necklace!


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  1. Bonnie

    That necklace rocks my socks off:) you girls are awesome, I love you!

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