My name is Chelli and I wanted to start this blog and share what I stumble across each day that I think is amazing, crazy, beautiful, funny, and sometime silly. I’m lucky to have married my highschool sweetheart and given birth to two handsome boys.  I love life and the crazy awesome world we live in. I am also thankful that my hunny is a Geek and has taught me in the ways of being a tech mom. (I’m not great at it but with his help maybe I can get there…)


4 responses to “Chelli

  1. Natalie Tate

    Chelli, I love coming to your blog! It is always so much fun to see all the different things that you’ve come across that I would never stumble on. I think it really is a genious idea! Love, love, love the blog! Natalie Tate

  2. Natalie Hayes

    Chelli! I love your blog! Keep posting :)!

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